Private Jet Charter Service in Fort Worth, TX & Louisville, KY

PrivateFlite Aviation is comprised of dedicated aviation professionals with experience in private aircraft management, charter, sales, and acquisitions. We share a common passion for customer support and personalized service rarely found in business aviation today. We take seriously the trust you place in us, and our entire team takes pride in offering industry leading and personalized aviation services to individual clients. We offer a full range of turn-key and efficient aviation solutions. Our experienced team will be available to you 24/7 to support your private jet charter needs and simplify your jet ownership experience.

PrivateFlite Aviation is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of aircraft management. We understand that your aircraft is a significant investment, and we believe our approach to aircraft management offers our aircraft owners a simple turn-key and industry leading solution, by tailoring aircraft management programs around the needs of the aircraft owner requirements.

Our team will bring value, exceptional service, and cost savings to your flight operations. Our streamline solutions include pilot selections and hiring, maintenance program management, trip planning, scheduling, documentation and oversight of every operational phase. We pass along valuable cost saving programs to reduce your expenses on aircraft fuel, pilot and mechanics training, plus fleet insurance rates for all of our managed aircraft. In addition we provide complete record keeping services for every phase of your operation. Our accounting, expense, documentation and reporting criteria will be tailored to meet your needs in an easy-to-read comprehensive monthly activity report.

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